Colour of Noise Bruce John Dickinson and Denis Cornell

Bruce John Dickinson – Amps back for 100,000 note service

Colour of Noise logoGuitarist Bruce John Dickinson (Colour Of Noise, Little Angels, b.l.o.w.) popped in to see Denis with a bunch of his favourite amps for their 100,000 note service!

Originally from Scarborough but now based in sunny Brighton, he drove up to Southend for an amp service pit stop.

Having used Cornell for over 10 years now, he said that he prefers Denis’s amps because aside from their vintage tones, they’re just so rugged and durable, only really suffering the inevitable intermittent input jack when a clumsy bass player trips over his guitar lead.

But hey-ho… this is not a problem…once Denis has got it on the bench, hooked up a dummy load and inserted 800 Hertz of the finest Sine Waves into it, his trusty oscilloscope reveals all!

And five minutes later…with a new input jack and a wave of Denis’s magical Weller soldering iron…
Hey presto!

It’s as good as new!

Click these images to see large versions:

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