Cornell Plexi 7 Combo Band Image

Plexi 7 Combo Video

Have you seen the video on the Cornell Plexi seven. The incredible guitarist Nigel Wheeler has made a recording putting it through its paces. I must admit I was very proud to see my amplifiers making such a great sound! Take a look and you will see three musicians making amazing sounds! I cannot thank you guys enough and would like to let every one know the line up:-

Nigel Wheeler playing the Cornell Plexi seven 1 x 12 using Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars.

Brad Waissman on bass with his Fender Jazz through the Cornell Rambler Bass rig.

Matt Cowley holding it all together on Drums.

The man who engineered and produced it all is Jack Hobbs of Jacket Records. Here’s a link to Jack’s Facebook Page. Putting sound and video together is just as much an art as playing the music, looking at this video you are all masters at it.

Denis Cornell

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