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10 Watts, Compact and powerful,  2xECC83 Pre amp and 1x6L6 power tube gives this Head a powerful grunt. Clean and Mean switch that puts you in control of the sound you want, also include the Cornell 4 way Ateniuation.

This is still Brand new and yet has proven to be very popular and is selling fast.

This amp has just a single channel but in todays world of beautiful high end pedals that only get better year after year you don't need anything else. You just need to set this amp up with your base sound of choice whether that is clean or Mean is your choice and then pile on the pedals.

One of the main things we wanted this amp to be able to do was respond well to pretty much any pedal on the market. I would say that wehave got it pretty much perfect in terms of its responsiveness to pedals.

We are in the process of making pedals to match the quality of this beast of an Amp.

Explorer 10

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