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Cornell amps started in 1991 but our history goes back way before that and it all starts with Denis Cornell.


Denis's early years in the amplifier industry were spent working at Vox amplification.  Denis has an intimate design and service knowledge of Vox amplifiers and proudly assisted Tom Jennings with the company relaunch in 1976. 


As a freelance amplifier engineer Denis spent many hours solving complex technical problems and was employed to help Fender (Europe) with new designs.  Denis had a key role in Arbiter groups London facility designing products and worked on the now highly sought original Arbiter Fuzz Face. 


Sound City's groundbreaking MKIII/IV amp's were co designed by Denis along with his long time friend and senior development engineer Brian Hucker. 


Over the years Denis has assisted in the design and development of amplifiers from some of the worlds best known amp manufacturers and his knowledge and assistance has been pivotal in the design in many of todays iconic amplifiers.



All our amplifiers are hand-wired and hand made with the finest quality components in the world.  We have been custom building amps for high profile artists and bands for many years.

Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Andy Fairweather Low, Wilko Johnson, Coldplay, Oasis, Placebo, Artic Monkeys and KT Tunstall are just a few high profile artists in our ever growing list of satisfied Cornell customers.


We are known for delivering the finest in tone and build quality.  Our customers buy our products assured with the knowledge they are buying the very best in the business. 

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