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The Switcher is the ultimate passive A/B pedal, it is different from other A/B pedals with a unique Cornell designed circuit to enable different configurations and applications with any amplifier or audio equipment. When used with the Cornell Studio 20 or 50 amplifier it can become a channel switch with true silent instantaneous switching between the two channels ensuring the amplification circuit that is not in use generates zero noise or interference, this circuitry also applies when using two separate amplifiers. By including different effects between The Switcher and amplifier you have two very different sounds with the click of one button.

Due the nature of this circuitry you can also use The Switcher to connect one amplifier to two different cabinets safely without damaging your equipment. This gives even more flexibility and creativity to make use of different speaker configurations with one amplifier and effects at your feet, perfect addition to any guitar pedal board for live or studio environments. 

The Switcher

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