British hand wired amps based on an American idea

The Cornell Romany has a natural distortion sound that was popular in America back at the beginning of guitar amplifier design. Amplifier-makers at that time sold it to the Blues heroes whose technique has since become the classic distortion sound. The output is produced from a single valve, known as “single-ended class A output”. The lack of cross-over distortion when the valve clips, results in the Cornell-Romany tone.

The Cornell-Romany amplifier employs this classic output design by not having gain or master volume controls, only the output valve is involved in the distortion sound. The drawback with this design is that the distortion sound is only achieved at maximum output, and at 10 watts the sound is enough to penetrate walls and upset neighbours. To overcome this we have a unique power reduction design that reduces the output over 4 levels; the maximum of 10 watts is reduced to around 0.05 watts (you will be surprised at just how loud this is), although there is little clean head room when wound up. Even so, it will still drown out the television. These 4 settings will allow you to play from a considerably distorted sound to a clean 10 watts, that is more than enough head room to accompany an acoustic piano, for example.

British hand wired amps for classic rock tones

Most of today’s guitarists are aware of some amplifier history, and “Plexi” must be one of the best known nicknames for a range of amplifiers produced by Marshall from about 1963 to 1969. We have refined this fundamental design to its ultimate, tailoring the components and adjusting the circuit to produce the definitive Plexi sound.

Back in the late 60s there were very few rock bands not using this type of amp and still today this classic tone can be heard. The Cornell-Plexi amp has that instantly recognisable sound. If you play rock or simply want the Plexi tone, this range of amplifiers is an absolute necessity. Whether it is the 18/20 head or combo or the 45/50 stack, these amplifiers are in the business of classic rock tones.

The Cornell-Plexi 18/20 is made to the basic circuit of the PA20 Plexi panel which was produced in the 60s. Additional Cornell design features like the switchable valve rectification and power reducer are fitted as standard.

The Cornell-Plexi 45/50 is made to the basic circuit of the JTM45 or JTM50 Plexi panel which was produced in the mid-60s. Additional Cornell design features like the switchable valve rectification and power reducer are fitted as standard.

Vintage refers to the 1980’s sound. Brown refers to the tone sought after by many guitar players of that generation. And 10 refers to the maximum output of this fine amplifier in Watts. Ranging from clean to amazing high gain all controlled from the volume knob on your guitar.
Guitar amps have a major factor and that is to make the guitar sound distorted, with an acoustic amp just the opposite is required so where best to look for inspiration than in the old valve technology used in Hi Fi amplifiers.
These high quality active circuits are specifically designed by Cornell for Stratocaster and Telecaster-type guitars, with low noise, reliability and a tone to enhance your sound. They come complete with controls and jack socket making them simple to fit and exciting to own.
Cornell pedals are designed by Denis Cornell and hand wired to perfection. Using classic components these pedals give you exactly the sound you are seeking.
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